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Artrepreneur : Singer | Songwriter | Educator | Producer | Actress | Model | Philantropist

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JHING calls herself an “Artrepreneur”, a term she coined to describe the many things she does as an artist and entrepreneur. More specifically, Jhing is an international recording artist, songwriter, producer, actress, model, philanthropist, educator, and entrepreneur. Her voice and image has been featured in blockbuster films, T.V. shows, commercials and print ads all over the world. As a business woman, she co-­‐ founded the music, media, and marketing empire, Branji, and has dedicated her life in educating the up and coming breed of musicians through a music foundation that is committed to nurturing and developing the love of music in children.

This Filipino-­‐American was born to a family of singers and musicians and was raised partly in Manila, Philippines and the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, California, USA. Jhing grew up listening to different genres of music, from jazz standards to hip-­‐hop and R&B to OPM or Original Pilipino Music. Her diverse cultural and musical upbringing greatly influenced her artistry and way of life. By the age of 16, Jhing was already a seasoned professional singer, recording lead and background vocals, as well as writing songs for other artists; all the while fronting for several top-­‐notch bands in Southern California, including her uncle’s band, the Howlers.

When it came time to making her own album, Jhing decided to call it Sushi Money, as in extra money, a fitting name for the debut effort of a sushi loving young artist who just wanted to sell CDs at gigs. She collaborated with music industry veteran, Bobby Nunn (Rick James, Philip Bailey of Earth, Wind, & Fire, The Temptations, De Barge, The Jets), and performed, co-­‐wrote, and co-­‐produced 17 tracks of what became a spicy feast for those tired of bland pop fare. An eclectic blend of jazz, pop, and soul, Sushi Money unexpectedly caught on with music lovers around the world in countries like Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, Amsterdam, Philippines, United States, Australia, and England, generating over a million plays and views on MySpace at the time. Songs like Forbidden Castle, In My House, Butt Ugly, and I Can’t Imagine were picked up for airplay by freeform radio stations such as KCRW (89.9 MHz FM) in Santa Monica, California, USA. That Goodbye Song, a duet ballad that Jhing composed and performed with her brother JayR, who is known as the Philippines’ King of R&B, climbed the charts on its own and was played regularly by radio stations in that country.

Hollywood soon came knocking as Jhing delved into acting, modeling, and more singing and songwriting, this time for projects like Spider-­‐man 3, the Voice, America’s Got Talent, and more. She writes and performs with other artists including Usher, Linkin Park, and Eric Benet, works for Disney and various T.V. shows and commercials, and frequently does session work. Jhing has always had an appetite for the business side of the industry that opened the door for BRANJi, a music, media, and marketing company she co-­‐founded in 2013 that licenses music for film, television, ads, video games and more. BRANJi also produces media and marketing/branding materials for different companies, and is currently building its record label. Jhing also helped establish the SCPC Foundation in 2008, a non-­‐profit, music foundation that educates and spreads the love of music through innovative programs and workshops for kids, where she continues to direct, arrange, and teach music theory, pedagogy, piano, and voice to a select group of students.

Jhing’s latest musical projects involve producing and writing songs for international artists, including a duet released in 2013 by YouTube sensation, Marie’ Digby and JayR, called “Falling For You.” She continues to work with her brother JayR, writing songs for his “Elevated” album due out soon. As for Jhing’s Sushi Money album, the physical CDs are now available for the first time in the Philippines under JayR’s indie record label, Homeworkz. Fans can now pick up a copy in any AstroPlus and AstroVision store. Unreleased singles from the CD will also be making their rotation on the radio soon. Jhing is currently working on brand new songs and has recently released a single on iTunes titled, B.I.M.B.O., an infectious song about a backstabbing friend that gets listeners singing along. The music video, directed by David Nguyen, is on YouTube and has received rave reviews from viewers around the world.