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Basic Info

Deejay Poblete
(Lead Vocals)

Noah Zuniga
(Acoustic / Songwriter)

Geo Blones (Bass)

Rey Corcelles
(Lead Guitar)

Ralph Ruiz

Quezon City

Pop Rock

" We dont have a rock n' roll story to tell like other bands do,no riots or drugs or sex or anything like that.We're just musicians whose bands before didnt worked out, hoping and working so hard this one will.

Because we believe we have something right now that we dont seem to have before We just want to make more music, rock out more places, reach more and more people and grow with each other. We once dreamed to be rockstars but now that we're older, we just want to rock! "

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KLEY was formed in 2008 by singer and songwriter duo Deejay Poblete and Noah Zuniga. Their passion for music brought them together and after several trials and auditions for other members, they finally found the perfect fit. Deejay and Noah met Rey Corcelles, Goeffrey Blones, and Ralph Ruiz through the indie band scene and have always wanted to jam together. Like most musicians in search for that dream team, the opportunity came and now they all look forward to growing with each other as musicians, as a band and as individuals. Call it fate or perfect timing, these talented artists perfectly mold together, like KLEY.

Signed under R&B King, JayR Sillona’s indie label Homeworkz and under his mentorship, KLEY completed their first, self-titled album in 2012, featuring JayR, Gloc 9 and the late Ronnie Dizon. “Kley” is available at Astrovision, Astroplus, Odyssey, iTunes and Reverbnation.com. Their first single “Tsismosa” released in 2013 is on daily rotation throughout Manila’s hottest radio stations and a music video scheduled to release soon.
KLEY’s fan base continues to grow as they consistently play at local bars and promoting their hit “Tsismosa.” They are the next hot rock band to watch with an 20 city bar tour that started on May 23rd throughout the Philippines. This bar tour is the perfect opportunity for the right brand, sponsor and or product to gain exposure through direct marketing and promotion as the music of KLEY reaches more people and attracts more fans.

About the Members

Deejay Poblete

Born and raised in Los Angeles by a family of talented musicians, there's no doubt that Deejay Poblete was destined to be a singer. She always wanted to be in a band and with the support of her family, she moved to the Philippines in 2007 to pursue her dreams. Shortly after, she met Noah Zuniga in 2008 and the concept of Kley was formed.
Since then, Deejay has been learning the ropes of the music industry, gaining experience in writing rock and pop hits, television and commercial ads. In 2012, she was the champion of Pinoypop Superstar and won the attention of the OPM industry with the song "Dulo ng Dila," her duet with R&B King, Jayr as an entry to Philippine Popular Music Festival.
This talented "rock chic" is giving a whole new meaning to the term. When she hits the stage, she connects with her audience with her soulful, rock-pop, soaring voice and appealing stage presence. Her fluency in Tagalog and approachable attitude also helps her connect with the audience. This rising star can do anything she puts her mind to and when Deejay's not singing, writing or rehearsing, she's baking sweet treats. Music has always been her #1 passion and rocking out is her favorite form of expression.

Noah Zuniga

Noah Zuniga has the natural talent for songwriting. He can simply pick up a guitar, sing a melody, and it's a song. When he met vocalist Deejay Poblete and formed Kley in 2008, it was the perfect match and they have been inseparable ever since. He has written songs for different artists such as Nina, Jayr, Kris Lawrence, Q-york and many more. In 2012, Noah's talent for songwriting was recognized by the OPM industry when he was voted as a finalists with his entry, "Dulo ng Dila" in the first Philippine Popular Music Festival. Noah's passion for writing and performing live can be seen when he's on stage with Kley. His love for music has made him explore his artistry in ways he never imagined. As he evolves as an artist, he finds himself going back to his roots, his own style of music that he continues to develop and perfect in his own way.

Rey Corcelles

Rey Corcelles is a multi-talented musician. He plays the piano, drums, bass, and both acoustic and electric guitars. His obvious love for music can be seen by his ability to pick up any instrument and play. Rey started in the local music scene professionally in 2001 and did session work for TV and live shows with different artists. Currently, he is the musical director in his church's music team and the lead guitarist of Kley. His playing style is very well rounded and can amaze you like a six-year-old kid when playing live. When he plays his solos, he owns the stage and the moment.

Goeffrey Blones

Geoffrey Blones is a well-rounded musician with skills on the harmonica, piano and guitar and now focuses on the bass guitar, which he plays best. Like the rest of the members of Kley, Geo has played with different local indie bands. He has appeared in local television shows, radio programs and large events. Oftentimes this guy is quiet but his ideas are screaming out loud inside his head. Geo plays from his heart and his love for music is felt through his inviting bass lines which captures the audience.

Ralph Ruiz

Young, talented and promising are the words to describe the youngest member of Kley, drummer Ralph Ruiz. In the last four years he has played with Roxy Puno, did shows with Rico Blanco and played with many bands as a sessionist. The moment Ralph hits the drums, you know he's not a kid playing for fun. He plays like a grown man with a mature discipline, skill and love for his craft. This talented artist has a long road ahead of him for his playing skill is already far beyond his age.