Homeworkz Star Power.

Homeworkz is a full production independent record label based in Manila, Philippines. It was founded by platinum record, multi-award winning Filipino-American recording artist, Jay-R Sillona in 2007, initially as a music production group with sound engineer/ producer/DJ Jimmy Muna. In 2009 Homeworkz expanded into music distribution. With a roster of a handful of very unique and talented artists, Homeworkz strives to promote Original Pilipino Music, and give its artists a platform to showcase their diverse talents.

Great people and great music.

Homeworkz has since released and distributed the albums of Q-York ("Q-York City"), Chelo Aestrid ("Love, Life & D'Light"), Kley (self-titled), Salbakuta ("Rebirth"), and most recently Amber Davis' single "Paralyzed", and Mica Javier and JayR's hit single "Tonight" in the Philippines. Homeworkz has also worked with numerous top artists including Kyla, Jaya, Nina, Anne Curtis, Kris Lawrence, and Billy Crawford.

Amazing performance and energy.

When it comes to performing, Homeworkz artists often come prepared to execute a jam-packed show, whether individually or collectively. With varied backgrounds and a wide range of talents to bring to the table, their individual works and group collaborations guarantee that the audience is pleased and wanting more.

Originality and true artistry.

As an all-inclusive entertainment team, Homeworkz services range from music production, video production, graphic design to artist development. Homeworkz is also in the midst of producing an independent TV network that will have fresh, youth-oriented, and uniquely creative shows.

Global feel, local appeal. That is the Homeworkz movement.